40 Questions to Ask the Person You’re Interested In!

40 Questions to Ask the Person You’re Interested In!

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“One who never asks either knows everything or nothing.” – Malcolm Forbes

I hear people say that the person they’re with changed. When in reality, the truth is finally hitting them in the face. Some marriages fail because of issues that were existing for months or years, but they were never noticed or simply overlooked. I believe that we have to learn to ask questions because we can’t just assume things about people. Of course, some people lie, but you can’t say “I never knew this about him/her” if you never asked.

This blog only has 40 questions to ask, but I think these can strengthen your relationship or cause you to RUN RUN RUN depending on the answers you receive. So use discernment, pray, seek godly advice, and ask these questions at the minimum!

1. Are you a Christian?

No I don’t mean do you go to church sometimes…

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Somewhere in the world, a woman is fighting. She’s fighting for the right to an education; a right to work so she can support herself and her family; a right to feel safe; a right to love whoever she wants to love; a right to make a decision about her own body; a right to […]

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HE Is Worth the Wait

HE Is Worth the Wait


It is so easy to become eager when you are expecting something. Especially when you’ve been waiting on it for a while. We fantasize and obsess, creating a tunnel vision in which we see nothing else except for that one thing we know will bring contentment and joy and even security. Nothing else matters until the dream in our hearts become a reality in our lives. We exude so much passion in pursuit of that next job/career, that house, that car, that relationship… There is nothing wrong with going after any of these things but nothing guarantees that they’ll be worth the wait and truly satisfy us until we learn to trust and wait on God. My dad used to always sing this song “There is no satisfaction without salvation”, and never did I truly understand it until now.

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they…

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Christians with Addictions


Everyone finds themselves battling some form of sin at some point in your life. It’s sad that in the church we have people that believe in “big” and “little” sins. You know, those who secretly gossip, lie, steal and hate others, but they don’t think they are a “bad person” because they aren’t fornicating or a homosexual. Please understand this before reading any further, you need Jesus. I need Jesus. Those people that hurt you need Jesus. WE ALL NEED JESUS!
As I was saying, it is normal to have a struggle, the issue is what you do with your struggle. Let me give you two biblical examples of how your issue can become your downfall or it can be used to your advantage depending on how you control it.
The apostle Paul

Other than Jesus Christ, Paul was arguably the most influential man in the New Testament. The…

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Can Our “Motives” Delay God’s Blessings?


“Delight thyself also in the Lord; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.” (Psalms‬ ‭37:4‬)

Sometimes, understanding God can be a bit difficult. Jesus promises us that whatever “we ask for in His name, He will do it” (John 14:14). However, He doesn’t always answer when we want Him to or exactly how we expect Him to. Does that mean God is lying? No. Sometimes some things we ask for just aren’t the will of God for our lives, that’s why when Jesus was praying to the Father, He said “not my will by Yours” (Luke 22:42). Even if it is God’s will for our lives, that doesn’t mean that it was His timing.

You see, when the Bible says that if we delight in God and He will give the desires of our heart, that didn’t make Him a genie. Many people try to use that…

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Broken, yet Victorious


“You are a failure”, “you’ll never get through it”, “why would Jesus love you and you keep falling for the same sins?”, “am I really saved?”
There are many thoughts that plague our minds during our brokenness, after failing, when speaking with people that show no grace, or when we feel like we tooktwo steps forward and ten steps back. A key thing to remember during our weakness is this: there is a difference between conviction and condemnation. Conviction: That is no good feeling, but it serves a good purpose (see Isaiah 1:18). That is God’s way of tugging at our hearts to say, “you’re slipping away, come home”, or “you know that didn’t please me, that was your old sinful nature, but meet me in prayer and let me clean you up”. Condemnation: This is no good feeling, and it is not from God. It’s not God’s…

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I’m Worth the Wait


For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts. (Isaiah 55:9)

God does not see things the way that society does. God does not see things the way that we do. Many times we allow people or emotions to cloud our judgment, but we have to understand that there is no peace or clarity outside of the will of God. We can have a new relationship, but we won’t be happy without Jesus. We can look “beautiful” by society’s standard, but we won’t feel happy without knowing our worth is in Jesus. We can even be wealthy, which can buy anything our hearts desire, but it won’t give us peace or love.

Many people have recently been messaging me with dilemmas that are hard to understand. I say that because, many of us would not…

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